My first month in London

Leggi in Italiano

Hi guys!!

I know, I know, I said that I would have posted every week but since I arrived in London, I didn’t do it because I felt lost. Literally.

What happened to me? A lot of things but I don’t know why I couldn’t post them on social media. Thinking that my last picture on Instagram is from the 20th of September and it’s now the 29th of October, well.. I did a real social media detox!

It never happened! And not because I didn’t have things to say but because I felt overwhelmed! I think that the main reason is that I wasn’t in the right condition for me to write or do a video. The first two weeks (almost three) I was to my cousin’s house and my wardrobe was my two suitcases. Adding the fact that I found a job after few days that I arrived, the time to write or just being a tourist around the city was already not enough.

Nothing to complain, but for how I am, I need to find “my moment”, a couple of hours where I have everything under control and I can finally relax and stay at the computer. My first month here in London has been completely NOT under control because I didn’t have anything certain and I’ve felt completely lost. The only place where I could finally find myself it was at work. This was what actually “saved” me from not knowing anymore who I was.

And so, here I am. I’ve found that moment now.

Now that I also found a nice place to live, with my own room and an amazing view of the city! (If you want to see how I décor my room, have a look at my YouTube channel!)

See you soon guys, I’ll tell you better about the job and my new house!


September is the new January – A NEW BEGINNING

Leggi in Italiano

Hi guys!

I’m back, and I’ve decided to write again! This time also in English, so my dear Not Italian Friends, you’ll hear from me again! LOL

AND..I’ve bought the domain of the website so now you’ll find me at Chiaraprezzemolo.com! I’m so excited about this! Yay!

It’s probably the first time for you to read my blog even if I’ve started to write it when I arrived in Australia in 2012. At that time I wanted to write only in Italian for my friends and family back home so I didn’t have to tell them what was happening to me Down Under over and over. >.< (sounds a bit silly uh? Haha).

After writing for almost three years, in 2015 I decided to “press the pause button” and stop writing because I’ve had lost the sparkle and I wasn’t inspired enough.

Now that I’m back home I feel it’s time to start writing again and I’ve decided to include posts in English! I will tell you about my past adventures in Australia but also my future ones because in a few weeks I will move again..this time: London!

So, stay tuned!

My last tattoo: a cherry flower, a symbol of rebirth.