My first month in London

My first month in London

29 Ottobre 2018 0 Di chiara_prezzemolo

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Hi guys!!

I know, I know, I said that I would have posted every week but since I arrived in London, I didn’t do it because I felt lost. Literally.

What happened to me? A lot of things but I don’t know why I couldn’t post them on social media. Thinking that my last picture on Instagram is from the 20th of September and it’s now the 29th of October, well.. I did a real social media detox!

It never happened! And not because I didn’t have things to say but because I felt overwhelmed! I think that the main reason is that I wasn’t in the right condition for me to write or do a video. The first two weeks (almost three) I was to my cousin’s house and my wardrobe was my two suitcases. Adding the fact that I found a job after few days that I arrived, the time to write or just being a tourist around the city was already not enough.

Nothing to complain, but for how I am, I need to find “my moment”, a couple of hours where I have everything under control and I can finally relax and stay at the computer. My first month here in London has been completely NOT under control because I didn’t have anything certain and I’ve felt completely lost. The only place where I could finally find myself it was at work. This was what actually “saved” me from not knowing anymore who I was.

And so, here I am. I’ve found that moment now.

Now that I also found a nice place to live, with my own room and an amazing view of the city! (If you want to see how I décor my room, have a look at my YouTube channel!)

See you soon guys, I’ll tell you better about the job and my new house!